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  Me and my Team are very happy with Sybels HRMSAAS,which connects all my Employees with HR in a single click. It helps me control entire gamut of HR of 5 plants at different locations in one single application. ESS has helps my Employees to connect to HR from anywhere. HRMSAAS saves lot of TIME, is very quick, has brought transprency and is easy to use. The product is really good and can be use by many small size companies who cannot afford to have Focus / SAP / ERP system. It runs in the same way. I also appreciate the kind of Customer Supports is being provided by HRMSAAS. I give them 9 out of 10 stars.  

Sandeep Suryavanshi, Accrete Electromech Pvt Ltd

  HRMSAAS has been tremendously helpful for me in my daily HR activities, there were daily walk-ins of employees even for simple queries related to Attendance / Salary Slips / OT / Loan & Advances, now they see it all through ESS. In turn it has helped us in saving the most precious thing in the world that TIME of both employer and employees. Minimum cost and Maximum benifits. All my HR related activities are ONLINE and UPDATED all the time. HRMSAAS is very easy to handle as it opens on any Smart Phone and we can even upload / download the files from it. I am thankful to Sybels team for giving me such best product and meet my exact requirements.  

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