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MIS Reports

Collection data and generating MIS reports is a tedious task for any department. HRMS provides a relief to HR department from this tedious task. Document management and report generation in HRMS is as easy as a button click. Generate any graphical or MIS reports of the data available.

Generate PDF/ Excel reports

All the lists and tables in HRMS come with a built-in feature of exporting the content in excel or PDF formats. Any number of data can be exported in any or both the formats. The no of columns selected in list will be exported with just a click. Export it format it and they are ready to be presented. You can export data for any type of record for any year. Along with PDF and Excel you can download graphs available on dashboards and certain modules. This will surely ease your work of sitting for hours getting data from the source, correcting the data and then compiling it. This feature is for all the modules and all the lists.

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